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Trial Services

Centext Legal understands the impact technology plays in trial presentation. We will handle the development of exhibit notebooks, digital editing, video-to-text synchronization, timelines, time stamping, transcript management, and courtroom design and installation.

Bring your case to life with animation, instant retrieval of documents, instant retrieval of photographs, and instant retrieval of deposition video for impeachment or playback. All documents can be annotated, highlighted, magnified, with a myriad of other exciting additional features.

We will personally manage your trial with state-of-the-art litigation support and multimedia presentation systems. Because Centext owns and maintains all of our own multimedia equipment, it is available at a moment’s notice.

Our team of experienced trial presenters are some of the best in the industry and are often booked months in advance and requested to travel throughout the United States to cover trials. They become key components and partners with counsel to give them that extra edge in the courtroom that is instrumental to a successful verdict in their favor.

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